Nibiru The Album

Ozuna's 3rd Album, Nibiru.

Music Album Branding and Art Direction by REYES

Nibiru is the third studio album by Puerto Rican Music Superstar, Ozuna. As soon as Ozuna told me about this idea of ​​”Nibiru”, I knew it was going to be a great project because I love everything that has to do with space and fantasy.

In this project, we wanted to make clear its concept of  “Nibiru” being “The Bear’s Planet”. We can see this detail portrayed in the “Planet Nibiru” logo.

The four bears found in the logo represent him, Ozuna, his wife, and their two children thus giving that sentimental and personal touch to this amazing music album.

Brainstorm Sketch
Nibiru Logotype
Nibiru Bear
Planet Nibiru
Nibiru Spaceship
Album Cover
Album Back Cover
Inner album and CD
Album Full Cover
Song Cover Arts
NYC Billboards
New York Post COVER and BACK COVER
Ozuna x Nibiru Album AD. Located in Puerto Rico