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Jan P Burgos Reyes, also known by his professional name “Reyes,” is a talented Graphic Designer and Creative Director hailing from San Juan, PR. With a portfolio that includes high-profile clients such as Ozuna, New Era, and FaZe Clan, Reyes is recognized as a true creative force in the industry. His bold and captivating artwork has been featured in prestigious publications like the New York Post, Billboard Magazine, and on nationally televised shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Among his many achievements, Reyes is particularly proud of his iconic “bear” logo for the international music sensation, Ozuna. In addition, his designs and creative direction have contributed to the success of multiple award-winning music albums, including “Aura,” “Nibiru,” and “ENOC.” Reyes’ unique style and exceptional skills continue to make him a sought-after artist in the world of graphic design and beyond.

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