ENOC The Album

Ozuna's 4th Music Album, ENOC.

Ozuna’s 4th Album, ENOC.

ENOC (an acronym for El Negrito Ojos Claros) is the fourth studio album by Puerto Rican Music Supertar, Ozuna.

For this project, Ozuna wanted to evoke the feeling of his first music album, “ODISEA,” and take his fans on a journey back in time. I was excited to work on this project, as it presented a unique opportunity to honor the artist’s past while also creating something fresh and new.

The bear pattern was a key element in this project, adding a fresh and modern twist to Ozuna’s iconic logo. We wanted to create a visual identity that was both recognizable and unique, and the bear pattern achieved just that. By combining elements of the past with a bold new design, we were able to create an album cover that perfectly captured the essence of Ozuna’s music and personality.

ENOC Monogram
ENOC Monogram Breakdown
ENOC Monogram with Depth
ENOC Logotype
ENOC's Bear
ENOC's Pantone Colors
Album Cover
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Jimmy Kimmel Presenting ENOC's Album Cover Art
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